Breeding detailsTime to Be Radical and his friend, Tieje


Time To Be Radical Imp 2005 stallion is now standing at home in Coolamon NSW, outside of Wagga Wagga NSW, midway between Sydney and Melbourne. We offer state-of-the-art reproductive facilities at home with our laboratory and stallion handling facilities, and are 30 km from Charles Sturt University's large animal clinic with reproductive specialists. Our veterinarian is Dr. Scott Norman DVM and board certified licensed reproductive specialist at CSU, one of the few in Australia, and his partner Dr. Jennifer Larsen, owner of Farm and Pet Veterinary Services of Ganmain NSW. Together, we can offer you live cover to qualified (cultured clean) mares, live chilled semen on a daily basis and frozen semen in Australia (through Select Breeder's Services) and in USA (through Pfizer Genetics). Live chilled semen is collected on farm and shipped by air from Wagga (less than 30 km from the farm) direct to Melbourne and Sydney, for same day delivery to nearly all points in Australia. We also offer TOLL delivery service for more local delivery. Need to board your mare and foal for reproductive work? No problem. We offer safe and secure mare/foal agistment and supervised veterinary work in a caring environment at home.


Time to be Radical's new barn

Theo's new home complete at last!


For more information, please download a current breeding contract here. To contact CSU VCC to receive shipment of fresh chilled semen, call 02 6933 2604 and also contact Leslie Weston on 0417 293 262 or 02 6927 2972 for breeding arrangements. We transport Theo to CSU for collection, and this requires at least one to two days advance notice. They have a current fee structure and require billing and shipment information before collection and shipment. They will provide the shipping and billing form which must be completed before shipment. Also see Charles Sturt University Veterinary Clinical Centre on the internet at

Click here for a breeding contract.


Important information about breeding with chilled live semen

To organize shipment of chilled live semen for Time To Be Radical, advance preparation is required on the part of the mare owner. Please complete a breeding contract and send stud service payments to Leslie Weston. To organize semen shipment, please call or notify Leslie and inform her you will be needing semen (in advance) and most importantly, make arrangements directly with Charles Sturt University Veterinary Clinical Centre (shipment and collection fee applies). Please note the following:

1) Stud service is $1250.00 including GST.
2) Collection fees for chilled semen are to be paid to Charles Sturt University,
3) Cost for shipment of semen varies depending on transport used and is to be paid to Charles Sturt University.

At least 2 days notification prior to sending the shipment are needed to make sure you receive your semen in a timely fashion, especially if you live in WA or TAS. Therefore, as soon as your mare is checked by your veterinarian, please notify us of your breeding plans and needs for semen, with an approximate date. We can organize collection around your needs. Please remember, we often have multiple collections being made during busy weeks in the breeding season, so advance notice is greatly appreciated. Semen collection and shipment is performed at CSU on Monday-Friday mornings due to transport availability for next day delivery. You can also pick up collected semen at CSU in Wagga Wagga or organize your own courier service.

For live collection and to breed local mares without shipment, please contact Leslie Weston on 0417 293 262. Any veterinary charges required for checking mares and follow-up pregnancy checks are generally paid directly to Farm and Pet Veterinary Services, our local veterinarian serving our boarded mares, by bank or credit card. To agist mares/foals during breeding season, please contact Leslie Weston as we have a safe and secure environment for visiting mares.


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